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KAHLS - Coffee calendar 2019

This year's coffee calendar from Kahl's, 24 flavors around the world.


The journey starts with a wild coffee from the coffee country of
Ethiopia and ends with a Christmas coffee that includes coffee from
Northern Pionero in Brazil, the world's southernmost coffee area.
The journey up to Christmas Eve also takes you to exciting destinations
such as Nicaragua, Peru, Colombia, Burundi and not least Gothenburg,
where the first coffee in Sweden arrived in 1685.

The coffee calendar contains a wide selection of coffees, from classic
blends to bestsellers and single origin coffees, but also exciting
flavored coffees.

With the coffee calendar comes a booklet with detailed information about
all the coffee. Each bag contains 30 grams of ground coffee, which is
enough for 1/2 liter of brewed coffee, so you can sit back and share
each day's experience with a friend.

Never before has the wait for Christmas Eve been so short and tasty.

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