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K.LUNDQVIST - Christmas Candle, Chocolate K.LUNDQVIST - Christmas Candle, Chocolate

K.LUNDQVIST - Christmas Candle, Chocolate

This scent of candles spreads a sweet smell of hot chocolate. The daisies chocolate, white truffle with marshmallows creates a wonderful winter feel in the room.

Golden Chocolate is very popular, and our customers often describe the chocolate dew as a memory bank for childhood excursions and late autumn / winter evenings in front of a lighted fire with a cup of chocolate in your hand.

The scent comes in a bright red cup with a glass cup and has a burn time of about 35 hours.

Contains; * 180 grams of combustible wax

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------

INFORMATION ABOUT THEIR DOFTLJUS: Our scented candles are a moody interior detail that smells a room. The fragrance produces a smooth and fine fragrance in the home, but a lit light also means a responsibility and some knowledge. K. Lundqvist Stockholm works with an environmentally friendly base in our scented candles, and we use only wax made from soya bean (called soy wax) and no genetically engineered waxes that are chemically produced. We do not use paraffin that is chemically prepared, or coconut wax that clouds rainforests, etc. Usage: To lighten your candle and give off the smell, we recommend trimming the wicker to approximately 1 cm at each burning time. This prevents the flames from burning with raised and flaking flames like soots. Your light should burn for about 2 hours the first time you light it, and no more than 3 hours at each lightning. Never place your light on a sensitive surface. A candle can be very hot! When it's time to blow out your light, do it gently by blowing the flame. Caution not to wax sprinkle on the table.

WARNING: How boring it may be, we also warn of incidents that may occur if you do not handle a burning light properly. Always place your burning light on a surface that is not sensitive to heat. This will cause the container to get hot. Also do not place your candle in the draw or near anything that can catch fire. Never let your light burn in a room you are not in. Also, turn off your light when it is about 2 cm left to the bottom. Read more under the care advice that comes with your light. Care instructions for your scent we recommend that you always read before using your light. You are always welcome to contact our customer service if you are unsure or have other questions about your fragrance from us.

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