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BLOMUS - Fraga Scent L, Fig BLOMUS - Fraga Scent L, Fig

BLOMUS - Fraga Scent L, Fig

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Size: H11cm ø9cm

FRAGA large is a large scented candle from Blomus made of natural soy sauce. The light holder is made of concrete and is wearing the spring's color Rose Dust. The scent is poison-free, contains no palm oil and is environmentally friendly. The trendy and luxurious scent Fig stays in your room for a long time thanks to the long burning time of the scented light.

- Handmade - Each product is its own original

- Made of environmentally friendly soybean

- Consists of natural fragrances

- Is completely non-toxic

- Contains no palm oil

- Produces extremely little soot

- Burns more and smells more than usual para- and candles


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