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K.LUNDQVIST - Black Cashmere, fragrance sticks K.LUNDQVIST - Black Cashmere, fragrance sticks K.Lundqvist doft K.Lundqvist doft K.Lundqvist doft

K.LUNDQVIST - Black Cashmere, fragrance sticks

Finns ej i lagret
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Finns ej i lagret

A spicy scent that spreads a fragrance throw with recognition factor from luxury hotels and resorts. This scent is masculine and gives a breeze of luxury elegance with its spicy notes. The smell is too many customers a recognition factor with luxury hotels and resorts. The scent fits well in all rooms.

Dofter: Myth and tonic beans. In the background you can enjoy hot vanilla with lilies and cedar trees.

Glass container: black with gold print

Scents: 10 black

Box: Black with printed logo in gold

120 ml / + 3 months

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