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Doftljus K.Lundqvist Doftljus K.Lundqvist Doftljus K.Lundqvist

K.LUNDQVIST - Queen Lily White candle


A booming bouquet of white lily and overgrown roses resting on a bed of ripe fruits with citrus. Peach, tangerine and pear connects floral bouquet, and opens the door to a beautiful summer day in the garden.
Comes in black luxury box and dust bag in silk.

270 grams.

More information:

Burning time 55 hours.

When you buy a candle from K. Lundqvist you have a scented candle in your estate that is not only a beautiful detail in your interior, but also a light that is made of the finest ingredients. The wax is not genetically modified and all lights are an unbleached cotton wick. This means your burning candles does not affect the environment in a negative way.

To your scented candles will burn beautifully:

Let the candle burn 3 hours at a time
Center the wick before lighting, and after you turn out the lights
If the wick is too long flame can be high, and in some cases sweet. The preferred length of the wick is about 0.8 cm. If you feel that the flame gets too high, we recommend that you turn out the lights and let it cool before you center and shortens the wick to the recommended length.
When you light a scented candle, it is important to understand that a burning flame is alive and can cause fires, damage and other surprises. Therefore, it is important to take some of the following safety recommendations:

Never leave a lit candle unattended!

Keep the light away from drafts to prevent the flame becomes uncontrolled.
Do not leave lit candles stand close to each other. A minimum distance of 10 cm is recommended.
The glass container can become hot, so do not move a burning candle
Hold a burning light away from children and pets
Always remove the dust bag supplied before the lights come on!

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