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K.LUNDQVIST - White Pearls, fragrance sticks K.LUNDQVIST - White Pearls, fragrance sticks K.Lundqvist doft K.Lundqvist doft K.Lundqvist doft

K.LUNDQVIST - White Pearls, fragrance sticks

Finns ej i lagret
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Finns ej i lagret

Bergamot, white lilies, lemon and SANDALWOOD

Scent Sticks in luxurious packaging.

Consistently fresh and welcoming scent of bergamot, white lilies and lemon resting on a bed of sandalwood. The harmonious and soft aroma reminiscent of a fresh clean home and a tapped bubble bath.

Black containers with goldilocks with printed logo in gold. Supplied with high-quality box in black with a pattern printed on the back and sides.

120 ml - Essential Oils.
10 black reeds included (natural and therefore may vary slightly in shape).

Following instructions is your fragrance sticks a long time:

Simply insert the number of sticks in the bottle that you deem necessary to achieve adequate odor. In a bedroom would perhaps only have a faint odor, then it is enough 2-3 sticks. In larger areas, you may need all the pins.
For example when you go on vacation, you can unscrew the cap so you do not consume your scent unnecessarily.

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