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VERTIPLANTS - wallpot, black wall pot from vertiplants

VERTIPLANTS - wallpot, black

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Open for pre-order

An elegant wall pot from the Danish brand VertiPlants that can be hung on the wall along with several pots from Vertiplants or alone. It's also very nice to have fresh spices in. 

Pot is available in white, gray and black.


Mini: 15,1 x 15,1 cm

Large: 30,1 x 30,1 x 13 cm



Verti Copenhagen's creative design aims to increase people's imagination and create functionality and stylish interiors by playing with their own creative solutions. Our slogan? - "Play with Verti Copenhagen". Verti Copenhagen has a sustainable agenda. We want to be a brand that makes modular systems with quality products, all produced based on durable material and production conditions. They have succeeded in producing VertiPlants in biopolymer, which is a material consisting of 94% plant and organic biomass materials rather than traditional plastics, which is why it can be said: "VertiPlants - Made From Plants." This material lives up to our high standards of quality while going hand in hand with sustainable production.

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