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Danish design and lighting from Umage
Affordable Danish design in stylish packaging
The brand behind the beautiful design favorite EOS feather lamp
• All products are packed and shipped in flat packages - good for both the environment and the wallet

"Exquisite design with sustainability, function and concern for the environment in focus."

UMAGE was founded in 2008 and gave the rather sad word "lighting" and brand new meaning. Suddenly, the lamp was an intriguing interior detail to play with, without diminishing the value of really good light.

With strong roots in the Nordic urban environment and nature, UMAGE became the design and reflection of the Scandinavian landscape. By finding new creative uses for natural materials, and having the courage to see the world is a different perspective, UMAGE has grown to become a world-leading brand.

UMAGE products have a functional design that suits both the home, the office and the larger workplaces. The design is simple, with an emphasis on aesthetics and function. All products are produced through great craftsmanship with quality and concern for the environment in focus.

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